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Emergency Services

Medical emergencies can occur for any number of reasons anytime. Our team at Ashford Medical are always ready to relive and treat emergency conditions.

Acute Illnesses

Acute Illnesses are sudden onset conditions that can have many different causes. Our team at Ashford Medical are equipped to treat such conditions to get you better immediately.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic conditions require monitoring and management. Our team at Ashford have the experience and equipment to be able to manage any chronic diseases.

Health Screenings

At Ashford Medical we have a wide range of screening packages which are cost effective and comprehensive.


Ashford Medical provides the full range of physiotherapeutic treatment to get you healthy and moving as quickly as possible

Nutrition Counselling

Ashford Medical also provides you with thorough nutrition and diet counselling so you can get into healthy eating habits



Over decades of clinical experience in healthcare we understand the importance in anticipating and delivering the needs of our diverse patient base. We understand the anxiety associated with healthcare and we also understand the significance in the trust and bond between healthcare provider and patient.

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