Just welcomed a bundle of joy in the family? Want to give your best through precious mummy’s milk?

Breast milk is also known as liquid gold. It is the primary source of nutrition for babies and it contains lots of important nutrients such as fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins that aids the little one’s growth and development and build up their immune system.

However, some mummies may find themselves not being able to lactate enough and that must have caused many frustrations during feeding time. Also, some anxious mummies might also be concerned about their weight gain during pregnancy and are not sure when they are going to lose the post pregnancy bulge.

Let us bring you through your breastfeeding journey and design the best meal plan for yourself so that your little one can enjoy the optimum nutrition…from you!!
Besides taking care of your little one, it is also important that mummies eat the right food to replenish the energy and nutrients lost during childbirth. With careful meal planning, you can also see yourself regaining your post pregnancy weight gradually.