Physiotherapy Services

  • Individualised Physiotherapy Treatment Program for Musculoskeletal Conditions including Degenerative Joint Disease, and Chronic Pain

  • Postural Analysis & Workout Injuries Rehabilitation 

  • Specialised Physiotherapy for Pregnancy-related Issues (Lower back-pelvis pain, Diastasis recti & Carpal tunnel syndrome)

  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation before and after Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Osteoporosis Prevention/Rehabilitation

  • Pain Management Technologies with Advanced Medical-Grade Equipment (Super inductive system, Spinal traction/decompression therapy and Therapeutic ultrasound)

  • Intense Electromagnetic Field Therapy to Accelerate Bone Healing in Conservative Treatment of Fractures


Treated conditions

At Ashford Medical, we provide a wide range of physiotherapeutic services depending on what you require. These include but are not limited to: