Super Inductive System (SIS)

An innovative, contemporary device utilizing high intensity electromagnetic field to positively influence the human tissue. SIS helps to relieve pain, lesson joint stiffness, support fracture healing process, and selectively relax or strengthen treated muscles.

Ultrasound Therapy


A safe and comfortable device that transfers sound waves with frequencies greater that the human sound spectrum (above 20 kilohertz) into the targeted area.
The energy that is transferred with the sound waves can be used to treat affected muscles or other tissues to help with relieving pain, swelling and speed up the recovery process.

Spinal traction/decompression therapy

A form of decompression therapy that involves lying down comfortably on the traction couch with innovative strap system applied for the lumbar or cervical spine traction. The spinal traction settings can be finely adjusted to help stretch the spine to take pressure off compressed discs and relieve associated muscular tension.